Content-Centric Websites

speed up your productivity

Our custom CMS solutions allow your
customers to easily manage their websites,
edit texts, upload images and publish
dynamic contents.

Our products fit your design needs,
so you can unleash your creativity!

Mobile Applications

Business and Consumer oriented

Beautifully handcrafted interfaces,
designed to amaze your users customers.

We build applications for iOS, Android
and Windows Phone, on both your
Smartphone and Tablet.


Highly Interactive Applications

Keep Everything up-to-date. Always.

Web applications that interact with third party APIs:
weather forecasts, social feeds from Facebook,
Twitter streams, Instagram photos,
SMS and E-Mail campaigns, Payment gateways
and (almost) everything you can imagine.

They fit perfectly any screen size to optimize your
work wherever you are.



Experimenting a lot

We deliver high quality solutions
using state-of-the-art technologies
and languages.

We love Django, NodeJS with Connect,
CouchDB and Amazon AWS.

Usability matters.

Emanuele Brivio

Head of Design and Interaction

Drowsy and crazy flat design addicted, always looking for the cleanest layout possible.

« There's no learning without trying lots of ideas and failing lots of times. »
Jonathan Ive


Simone Lusenti

Head of Technology

« The only source of knowledge is experience. »
Albert Einstein


Alessio Zappa

Senior Media Designer

Sushi and Sashimi eater, Spritz drinker, OnePage websites lover, Manga reader, Sublime Text and (hot) tea addicted.

« Laugh and the world laughs with you. Weep and you weep alone. »
오대수 – 올드보이

Luca Casartelli

Partner - Software Developer

Amateur photographer in love with nature and mountains, grown in Harry Potter's wizarding world!

« Any science or technology which is sufficiently advanced is indistinguishable from magic. »
Arthur C. Clarke

Brands and Companies We Have Worked with...

Katia Remondi

Training Cordinator

« Il team di Plastic Panda ha saputo dimostrare molta creatività e competenza nella creazione di tools di lavoro ottimizzati per la gestione di attività formative molto intense come quelle di Nokia Academy.
Molto apprezzata la loro disponibilità e velocità nella gestione di ogni richiesta e lo spirito propositivo nel trovare sempre nuove soluzione tecnologiche. »

Balázs Tarsoly

Operation Butterfly

« I love working with Plastic Panda because this team manages to combine quality, efficiency, reliability and an easy-to-talk-with cooperativeness in a pleasant and natural way. »

Fabrizio Loioli

Oil Trader

« Una società giovane, dinamica, che investe con grande creatività la propria professionalità, ed è molto attenta ai dettagli dei clienti, seria e puntuale nel consegnare gli ordini, e con una grande esperienza nel campo del web design e delle ultime applicazioni in materia di pubblicità e di ricerca sulle nuove tecnologie.

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